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The budget committee of Litwin Company collects the following data for its San Miguel Store in preparing budgeted income statements for May and June 2014.

Sales for May are expected to be $800,000. Sales in June and July are expected to be 5% higher than the preceding month.
Cost of goods sold is expected to be 75% of sales.
Company policy is to maintain ending merchandise inventory at 15% of the following month's cost of goods sold.

4. Operating expenses are estimated to be:

Sales salaries
per month
6 % of monthly sales
Delivery expense
3 % of monthly sales
Sales commissions
5 % of monthly sales
Rent expense
per month
per month
per month

per month

Income taxes are estimated to be 30% of income from operations.

Prepare the merchandise purchases budget for each month in columnar form.

Prepare budgeted income statements for each month in columnar form. Show in the statements the details of cost of goods sold. (Round answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. 2,500.)

Reference no: EM13568505


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