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Vision and Mission Statements Evaluation

Consider the mission and vision statements for Harley-Davidson. we fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments.

Vision Statement: Harley-Davidson, Inc. is an action-oriented, international company, a leader in its commitment to continuously improve our mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, governments, and society). Harley-Davidson believes the key to success is to balance stakeholders' interest through the empowerment of all employees to focus on value-added activities.

Please prepare a report on the following questions:

How many of the eight characteristics of an ideal mission statement are present in Harley-Davidson's mission statement?

How many of the eight characteristics of an ideal vision statement are present in Harley-Davidson's vision statement?

Given the purposes that a mission statement and a vision statement are ideally serving, please compare the mission and vision statement of Harley-Davidson based on whether these statements are achieving their respective objectives. Do they both serve their respective purposes? Collectively, are they useful tools to link organizational priorities with individual and team performance?

Reference no: EM1330007

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