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Power tools plus sells handyman power tools out of its store in Iowa. It does not advertise outside of Iowa and does not have a website. A South Dakota resident sees the store while driving through Iowa. He buys a power drill. A few weeks later the drill malfunctions and burns the customer. He decides to bring a law suit to power tools plus in his home county ( Hughes County, South Dakota) Power tools plus objects to jurisdiction on the grounds it does not have minimum contacts with the state of Dakota. Determine whether the Hughes County South Dakata court has jurisdiction Power tools plus. Incorporate all aspects of jurisdiction as the relevant to determine use

Reference no: EM131027265

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Power tools plus sells handyman power tools out of its store : Power tools plus sells handyman power tools out of its store in Iowa. It does not advertise outside of Iowa and does not have a website. A South Dakota resident sees the store while driving through Iowa. He buys a power drill. Determine whether the H..
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