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Requirement 1 - Prepare the Journal Entries in the General Journal Jounral Entries
Requirement 2 - Post Journal Entries to the General Ledger General Ledger
Requirement 3 - Prepare a Trial Balance Trial Balance
Part B - Due in Week 5 - Requirements 4 - 10  
Requirement 4 - Prepare the Adjusting Entries Adjusting Entries
Requirement 5 - Post Adjusting Entries to the General Ledger General Ledger
Requirement 6 - Prepare an Adjusted Trial Balance Adjusted TB
Requirement 7 - Prepare the Financial Statements Financial Statements
Requirement 8 - Prepare the Closing Entries Closing Entries
Requirement 9 - Post Closing Entries to the General Ledger General Ledger
Requirement 10 - Prepare the Post Closing Trial Balance Post Closing TB

Attachment:- Project1InstructionsandWorkbookA.xlsx

Reference no: EM13114124

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