Media campaign for the csr initiatives for home depot

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CSR Media Campaign

1. CSR Media Campaign

Develop an advertising/public service/media campaign for the CSR initiatives for Home depot .


• Provide a synopsis of the company and the CSR initiatives upon which you intend to focus during this media campaign.


• Describe the objective of the ads. What is the message that you are trying to convey?

Media and Audience

• Describe the media you would you use for each CSR initiative in the campaign. Describe the target audience for each CSR initiative in the campaign.


• Describe the strategies for implementing the campaign.


• Summarize the importance of communicating CSR initiatives to stakeholders.

Reference no: EM1330172

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Media campaign for the csr initiatives for home depot : CSR Media Campaign and prepare an advertising/public service/media campaign for the CSR initiatives for Home depot .
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