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Interpret the subsequent cautiously and answer the questions which follow:
One large employer requests CVs from applicants, and, on the basis of these, invites a selected number to take part in a telephonic interview. A date and time are given and an idea of the enquiries that will be asked so that the applicant can prepare. The consultation takes about 15 - 20 minutes, and time is allowed for the candidate to ask questions to the interviewer as well. applicants are also told in advance of the telephone interview that if they are a flourishing at this stage, they will be invited to a one day assessment centre on a specified date. After telephone interview, contenders are notified in writing whether or not they will move on to the assessment centre stage of the selection procedure.
(Adapted from: Human Resource Management, 6th edition, Derek Torrington, Laura Hall, Stephen Taylor , pg 147)

(i) State the two assortment methods that are being used by the company

(ii) Make clear the advantages of using telephone interviewing as selection method.

(iii) Is the use of such a method always defensible?

(iv) Fully describe the assessment centre method of selection.

(v) For this particular case, would you not prefer an application form from candidates rather than a CV? Justify your answer.


(a) Detailed on the items included in a job description.

(b) Converse the usefulness of a job description in an organisation.


To handle with changes, organisations are investing a lot in terms of time and wealth in the training of their valued employees. widespread training methods include:

(i) Apprenticeship

(ii) Training by experienced workmen

For the above training methods, explain:

(a) The situation under which you believe each training method is more suitable and why.

(b) 3 benefits of using each method.

(c) 3 shortcoming of using each method.


(a) Briefly explain Maslow's hierarchy of needs Theory.

(b) Thrash out the limitations of Maslow's Theory to managing people

(c) Confer how Mc Gregor Theory might help to solve the problem of falling productivity in your organisation.


(a) Tell apart the Personnel Management and Human Resources Management.

(b) What are the main areas of action of a modern HR department? Converse with cite about an organisation/s you are familiar with.

Reference no: EM133472

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Mc gregor theory : action of a modern HR department, Personnel Management and Human Resources Management, Maslow's Theory to managing people, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Theory, Apprenticeship, job description, interviewing
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