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Create a MATLAB program which will determine your vehicle fuel usage (MPG, miles/gallon) rating for a user defined number of trips ('for' repetition structure). Review the voiceover supplied for an example of the required input/output from this program. This includes max and min MPG ratings and the trips during which they occurred.

Write a MATLAB program which converts a user-entered temperature value into Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine values. The user must input temperature in either 'C' or 'F'. If the input temperature is less than zero Celsius, display the message 'freezing'; if above 40 C 'very hot'; if above 100 C 'boiling'; if below zero Kelvin or zero Rankine display 'impossible'. If the user does not enter either 'C' or 'F' with their temperature input the program should output a message indicating that Kelvin is assumed. This might involve the use of a 'logical' operator (and, or ,not; &,|,~) for exampl

if units~='C' & units ~= 'F'
        fprintf('you did not enter correct units, Kelvin assumed\n')

Revise your C-F-K-R temperature conversion program to allow an indeterminate number of repetitions (via 'while' structure. The user should be asked 'Do you wish to repeat this program'. ) In addition to the original program output, the program should determine and output the average temperature as well as the maximum and minimum temperatures converted



Reference no: EM13166250


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