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Emerging as an American multinational e-commerce company, Amazon has turned out to be leading online retailer and offering cloud-computing services. Two technologies driving the growth of Amazon has been the integration of Customer Relationship Management and Information management to the overall business strategy.

IT infrastructure of the organization has been built in such a way that could handle more than millions of operations and also handles queries and issue of more than half of the volume of sellers. The company has been exposed to threats of storing and securing the credit cards and debit cards information of more than 1,000's of customers a day.

The company uses the customer relationship management module under enterprise resources management to store personalized information and purchasing trends of its customers which is integrated with the marketing and advertising campaigns of the organization.

The initial growth of the organization was favored by business to consumer models of selling and business-to-business mode of operations. The exclusion of the retailers has been the signs of growth in Amazon as it allows the customers to sell and buy the products using Amazon as a platform.

Elastic cloud computing has been yet another vibrant web service offered by Amazon.

Search agent is the business model used by Amazon. It uses data mining technique where in the information stored about the products and the services are retrieved from the central data base and customers are offered with the appropriate results

Reference no: EM132064524


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