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Although the use of p.u. values may at first sight seem a rather indirect method of expression there are, in fact, great advantages. Give these advantages



Reference no: EM131032531


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  Write a short report that analyses the pampidia one

write a short report that analyses the pampidi.a one paragraph introduction.ii.a paragraph about the process.iii.the

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Design a non-inverting op-amp with a bandwidth of 20kHz whose open-loop gain is 100,000 and unity gain frequency of 1 MHz. Draw the Voltage Transfer Characteristic (VTC) of the designed op-amp if the power supply produces ±10V.

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In a RLC circuit, the generator voltage varies in time, where the amplitude of e max= 1.2 volt and emf freq.= 0.5 Hz , which the max current is equal to the max current when the freq. of emf = 3.0 Hz, which is .00033 A.

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According to the Nyquist sampling theorem, faithful reconstruction of an analog signal with a bandwidth of 29 kHz would require a sampling frequency of at least. what is the decimal equivalent of the following binary coded decimal number.

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Let us assume that a synchronouse 3 phase alternator produces a no-load line voltage of 13.2 KV. if a load having a lagging power factor of 0.8 is connected to the machine, must the excitation be increased or decreased

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A single phase transformer rated 1.2kV/120V, 7.2kVA hasprimary-referred parameters Req= r1+ a r2= 1Ω andXeq = x1+ a2 x2 =4Ω when neglecting exciting current. At rated voltage itscore loss may be assumed to be 40W for all the load curent.

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Find the capacitance C for the partially-filled spherical capacitor consisting of an inner conducting sphere of radius a and an outer conducting sphere of radius c with the region a

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Assume that the I bit for external hardware interrupt IRQ is enabled and is low-level triggered. Explain how this interrupt works when it is activated. How can we make sure that a single interrupt is not interpreted as multiple interrupts

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General questions for network communications, A user message is split into 15 frames, each of which has an 80% chance of arriving error-free. If no error control is used by the data link layer, how many times must the message be sent on the averag..

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Consider a receiver that consists (in the sequence) of the following components: (i) an antenna connector and feedline with an attenuation of 1.5 dB; a low-noise amplifier with a noise figure of 4 dB and a gain of 10 dB, and a unit gain mixer wit..

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A true centrifugal casting operation is to be performed in a horizontal configuration to make cast iron pipe sections. The sections will have a length = 42.0 in, outside diameter = 8.0 in, and a wall thickness = .50 in

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Complex Voltage = 10-j20. try to convert it to polar coordinate with my Ti 89 but I keep getting my answers in arc tan.

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