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Identify SWOT analysis with the Scenario - Shoez is following:Shoez business plan FY 2011/12Mission

To achieve the highest quality standards in shoe repair and customer service.


To establish, within five years, the reputation of Shoez as the leader in shoe repair and customer value in the Brisbane area.


  • Customer focus
  • Actively encourage excellence, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Work collaboratively and consultatively with integrity, professionalism and teamwork
  • Recognise the diversity and expertise of Shoez employees

Strategic directions

The strategic context in which Shoez will achieves its mission and vision is through:

  • Engaging with customers
  • Developing and improving products and quality
  • Creating a high performing organisation



Shoez, a shoe repair chain, operates ten stores in the CBD and suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. The CEO, Jeff Harding, has appointed you as the operations manager. You are no stranger to management but mostly at departmental level for international organisations, with some time spent in sales and marketing management. One role specifically required in your job description is to manage the risks that could impact on the Shoez operations.

A meeting with Jeff in the first week confirmed his requirement of you to review, analyse, plan and monitor the risks of the Shoez organisation. Jeff wants you to report directly to him on the risk management process but also encouraged you to speak with the stores' liaison person, Jenny Clerk, and the accountant, Sue Lee. Jeff thought it may also be beneficial to contact his accountant Brown and Davis and of course the store managers, although they were only really concerned about achieving their sales budgets and getting their commissions.

Jenny was constantly reminding the store employees about the WHS issues relating to other staff and customers. Sue did the payrolls and was constantly pushing the managers to provide the appropriately authorised paperwork. Jeff said that the accountants were keen to see safe guards instigated for cash control.

Jeff wanted you to undertaks this task so that you could get significant insight into the Shoez operations and develop and implement a plan to reduce the risk exposure of the organisation. He also said that he needed an ongoing risk monitoring process implemented as well.

According to Jeff, the areas that had been underperforming and were primary areas of risks concern were the human resources management, financial operations and WHS. These are the areas he wanted you to focus on in your management.



After discussing Shoez with the key stakeholders and doing some external research you identify the following significant issues.

  • Jeff spoke about a new law that was being introduced by the Commonwealth Government that will impact on the way that he has been paying his staff with some of their pay earned on commission.
  • Jeff showed a report from a survey where people rated their shoes as the second most important dress item for the successful business person and that business people were choosing the high quality shoes that they would repair rather than replace.
  • Brown and Davis spoke about the latest point of sale cash registers that would improve stock and cash control in the Shoez stores.
  • You noticed that the location of the Shoez stores was always in the prominent and highly trafficked parts of the shopping centers.
  • Sue said that she was not able to get all the staff records for pays and employees details from the store managers and this made processing difficult and meant that they were not compliant.
  • Brown and Davis explained that the old cash registers did not have the features that could help eliminate fraud.
  • Jenny spoke about the flooring where the staff worked and customers were sometimes required to access. The ceramic tiles were broken and covered up with a thin mat, but still presented a trip point to customers and staff alike.
  • Brown and Davis had spoken about a large chain in New South Wales that were planning to expand into Brisbane in the next 12 months.
  • Jeff said that while ten stores was a good number, there is another 20 good locations in Brisbane that want Shoez as part of the shopping centre assortment.
  • You noticed that the stores were looking old and the decor has been out of date for over five years.
  • Brown and Davis explained that the growth in the older age portions of the Brisbane population was a positive indicator for the Soez business.


Store manager reports, together with your interviews with the other key stakeholders. Identifies the following risks.

  • Broken floor tiles creating a trip point for staff and customers.
  • Wet floor on rainy days making it slippery for staff and customers.
  • The store has extremely sharp knives used to cut the leather.
  • Banking not always done everyday leaving cash on the premises.
  • The staff member balancing the cash registers also prepared the bank deposit book and banked the cash.
  • Some stores had sizable banking amounts that were banked by the junior staff member.
  • Staff records were kept in the individual stores in the bottom drawer of an unlocked filling cabinet.
  • One question on the staff records asked for a full medical history of the employee.
  • Time-sheets sent to head office were not always authorized.

Reference no: EM132609347


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