Identify some of recent issues in labelling and packaging

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Choose one of the topics below:

1. Explain the ethical issues in marketing field and identify and discuss about two companies in Australia who has been having some issues regarding the way they pursue their business. You can elaborate on any aspects of marketing where these companies had some issues.

2. Discuss how companies are changing their focus from typical selling approach to societal marketing. Identify any two companies in Australia who has been very active in following societal marketing approach. Discuss in which way they are claiming about their contribution towards the wellbeing of Australian society.

3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning are interrelated activities which are important to achieving a successful Marketing Mix. Discuss any two brands from two different industries that have been successful in using these concepts in pursuit of their business. You are not allowed to discuss fast food or soft drinks industries for this essay. You need to choose these brands from the following industries:

- Furniture
- Pharmaceutical
- Baby products
- Health and fitness
- Health drinks

4. Labelling and packaging has been becoming a very important aspect of marketing. Identify some of the recent issues in labelling, packaging and country of origin in Australia. Students need to go through the current news and media to get the information about this area.

Reference no: EM131034615


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