How to handle the customervalidator''s servervalidate event

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The form should contain the following controls.

Button control
two TextBox controls
Label control
CustomValidator control

Write a method that handles the CustomerValidator's ServerValidate event. In addition, write a JavaScript function for the CustomValidator's CustomValidationFunction property. Each method should verify that the user entered an integer in each text box and that the product of the integers is not a multiple of 7. Display the product of the numbers in the Label control if the numbers entered by the user satisfy the validation tests.

For clarification, the list of required controls on the Web Form should include two CustomValidator controls.

For clarification, the correct property to write the JavaScript Function for is the ClientValidationFunction of the CustomValidator and not the CustomValidationFunction that is stated in the Assignment List. Format the Web Site using an external Cascading Style Sheet. Program the assignment using only one CustomValidator control.

Reference no: EM1332496


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