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The menu structure for Holiday Travel Vehicle's existing character-based system is shown here. Develop and prototype a new interface design for the system's functions using a graphical user interface. Also, develop a set of real use cases for your new interface. Assume the new system will need to include the same functions as those shown in the menus provided. Include any messages that will be produced as a user interacts with your interface (error, confirmation, status, etc.). Also, prepare a written summary that describes how your interface implements the principles of good interface design as presented in the textbook.
Here is a use case example: Use Case Name: Main Menu Importance Level: Normal Primary Actor: Use Case Type: Stakeholders anInterests: Brief Description: This example use case determines how the Agent would use the system Trigger: Relationships: Normal Flow of events: Subflows: None Alternate / Exceptional Flows:

Reference no: EM131036717


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