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1 . What is the first thing you, as a professional who is being given a brand-new file for a brandnew client, should do? Explain why.

2. How do you advise Tommy to proceed?

3. Can Tommy be paid for serving as executor? How would payments to Tommy be determined under Louisiana law?

4. Assess and rank Tommy's problems from most significant to least significant and identify which problems need the most immediate attention and which ones are potentially the biggest long-term problem.

5. Can you utilize a minor problem in some way to help with the more significant problems? How?

6. Who all is entitled to something for certain out of Robert's estate?

7. How do you think a court of law would react to this case and who is the court of law most likely going to want to help and/or protect and who is the court of law likely going to be suspicious of?

8. What are the meaningful differences between Joe and Dana's respective claims?

9. What, if any, value is the phone call between Jonathan to Tommy? What is the phone number to the IRS Help Line and how did you find it?

10. What, if any, liability does Tommy have to David and what should Tommy do as to David?

11. Can Janice keep collecting alimony after Robert died?

12. What, if any, liability do you have as a professional in getting involved at this juncture to help Tommy?

13. Can you estimate what the estate taxes should be and when should they be paid? What happens to the estate tax obligation if Sarah wins her claims (Issue B)?

14. What other thoughts do you have regarding this fact pattern on ways to help Tommy sort
through these various issues?

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Reference no: EM132450244


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