How can i paraphrase this bit of summary please

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How can I paraphrase this bit of Summary please? ''In the article It's Good Business by Robert Solomon, the author believes that an business does not required unethical or illegal methods to be succeed. Solomon stated that a management job is not only focus in obtaining revenue, but it requires the owner or manager to have ethical when dealing with their customer. Furthermore, the author wants us to acknowledge that while illegal practices might bring benefits to the business, it could also causes a business to fail. Therefore, Solomon recommended that businesses is more likely to succeed if they are running with fair polices that can help them to integrate ethics into their operations. The author mentions that it is important for a business to maintain a good public image by understanding the three Cs of business ethics. The three Cs of business ethics are the compliance, the contributions, and the consequences.''

Reference no: EM132013669


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