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Question: 1. Explain the differences between Improvisation and Creative movement including the benefit of each. How can these be used in education and with special populations. What about someone who would like to have a career in dance as a movement specialist? How would they employ improvisation and creative movement in their everyday work? With what specific types of populations would they be likely to work with and what results would the movement specialist expect?

2. Explain why the dancer, choreographer and audience member are all "equal partners in the event" when talking about a live dance concert. What does each of the three bring to the prduction experience. Alternatively what can each of the three gain from the experience? Speak to the choregrapher's traits, the dancer's training and the audience member's understanding and etiquette.

3. Identify major figures and events to highlight the development of court ballet, ballet d'action, romantic ballet, classical ballet, contemporary ballet and neo-classical ballet. How is contemporary ballet similar and different from classical ballet? Specifically what is different between contemporary ballet and modern dance?

4. Modern Dance evolved from the early 1900's to a current dance form today. Define it's beginning process, major dance figure's and their individual styles. Identify the mid-century evolution of modern dance including major dance figure's and what changes occured. How is modern dance different today? What makes it so different from Ballet? Jazz dance? Tap dance?

5. The social dances of the 1980's reflected many important issues of the time and how they affected society! What were these dances? Where were they found? Among which groups were they popularized. How did these dances affect society? Who were some of the major artists of this era and what influences did they exert? Where is social dance headed?

6. What are the differences and similarities between World Concert/Ritual Dance and Folk Dance? How do they relate to specific cultures? What part do rituals play? What are the contemporary influences uopn these dances? What are the positive/negative ramifications of these influences? What part does having an audience and/or participation play in the presentation of these dances?

7. What are the steps in the production process of a dance concert? What is the beginning point of the process? What other factors are important and who makes those decisions? Speak specifically regarding the choreographer, dancer and actual performing space.

8. What importance does the artistic director have regarding the success of the dance company? To whom does the artistic director answer? What are the artistic and business duties and decisions that an artistic director must make? What is the relationship of the artistic director to the board of directors? Support staff? Artistic collaborators? Other choreographers and dance companies?

9. What is the current status of dance in the American student's education? What is the feeling of dance educator's towards the rights and privleges of students to a dance education. Speak to the similarities and differences in dance education in K-12 and higher education. What role does creative movement play in the public education system? Why is teaching a popular profession for the dancer? What are the most common types of dance teachers?

10. What is the historical development of jazz dance and tap dance through American history? How did they originate? Who were some of the influential artists in the development of jazz dance and tap and what was their significance? What were some of the famous musicals that helped signify the development of these dance forms? How would you define jazz dance and tap dance? What characteristics are similar and different regarding these dance forms?

Reference no: EM132013670


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