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Generate by measdata.m an array A withsize (365,24), containing temperature measurements for an entire year [1 January,..., 31 December], 24 hours a day [00.00h,...,23.00h]. Use A=measdata to create the individual data; 1.1 Compute and plot 4 mean temperature profiles (temperatureas a function of the time of the day) for each of fourperiods of one year in a single sub-figure (January-March; April-June; July-September; October-December).Approximate each of them by a 4th order polynomial. Plot the data as dots or small crosses and the fit as a line. 1.2 Determine for each day the time/hour at which the minimum and maximum temperature occur.Plot these times versus the days of the yearin a subplot. 1.3 Summarize mean temperatures of the 4 periods in the year (see 1.1) and the 4intervalsofthe day [0-5], [6-11],[12-17], [18-23] h. in a 4 x 4table.Use e.g.the fprintf command to construct the table. 1.4 Compute and plot the4average temperature profilesas a function of the day of the yearfor each ofthe4parts of a day[0-5], [6-11],[12-17], [18-23] h. 1.5 Compute a moving average over N=9 days to average the measurements in A and plot the results as for exercise 1.4.A moving average is a "local average", that means it is computed as xi=1Ni?(N?1)/2i+(N?1)/2?xi Hint: You can usethe command 'conv'(convolution) to implement themoving average filter easily.Take care of boundary effects. The averaged data must have the same length as the input data 

Reference no: EM13162713

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