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Forecasting is an essential tool used by health care administrators to develop objectives and project plans.

After completing your assigned reading

Title: Haimann's Healthcare Management

Edition: 10th (2015)

Author: Dunn Publisher: Health Administration Press

Book ISBN: 978-1567937251

Chapters 7 and 10

Curtis, M. E. (2006). The role of vocabulary instruction in adult basic education. In Comings, J., Garner, B., & Smith, C. (Ed.), Review of adult learning and literacy: Connecting research, policy, and practice (pp. 43-69). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates ,

address the following:

Find a hospital website that has a mission statement.

Post the name, location, and website link of the facility.

Based on the textbook information, develop two objectives for the facility.

Explain why these objectives are essential to the success of the facility.

Reference no: EM132608176


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