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1.A water tank is completely filled with liquid water at 20 degree Celcius. The tank material is such that it can withsatand tension caused by a volume expansion of 2%. Determine the max temperature rise in Celcius degress allowed without jeopardizing safety. Neglet the effect of pressure change.

2.Determine the resultant pf the following coplanar system of forces:261lbs.,10 degrees ''39lbs.114 degrees;63lbs.,183 degrees;57lbs.,261 degrees.

3.A tow truck is using a cable to pull a car up a 15 degree hill. If the car weighs 4000 lbs and the cable has a diameter of .75 inches, find the stress in the cable when the truck comes to a stop while on the hill. Ignore friction between the car and the pavement.

Reference no: EM13540142


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