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Consider a program compiled using compilers A and B running on the same processor. Find out the average CPI for the two executables compiled by compilers A and B given that the processor has a clock cycle time of 1ns. Compiler A # of Instructions Program Execution Time 1.00E+09 1s Compiler B # of Instructions Program Execution Time 1.40E+09 1.6s 7) Consider the program compiled by compiler A running on Processor PA and the program compiled by compiler B running on Processor PB. Assuming the number of instructions executed in a certain program is divided equally among the classes of instructions of Arithmetic, Store, Load, and Branch, what is the CPU time of these two executions? Which program is faster? (The number of instructions of the program compiled by compilers A and B are given in the previous table) Processor Clock rate CPI Arithmetic CPI Store CPI Load CPI Branch PA 2.0 GHz 1 2 3 8 PB 2.0 GHz 2 2 2 2

Reference no: EM13208536

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