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The administration of you local Community College has asked you to write a VB.NET program that allows students to calculate the sum of their grades and find out if they pass or fail the course.

Grades for the courses at the college are based on the sum of three assignments, and each assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points. The maximum points a student can get in a course is 300 points. To pass the course, a student needs 189 points or more.

Here are the minimum requirements for your program:

1. It has three textboxes labeled Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. They are used to enter the student's grades.

2. It has one button called Calculate. When this button is clicked, the sum of the three grades is displayed (in another textbox) along with the word PASS, if the total is 189 point or more, and FAIL if the total is less then 189. Use a textbox to display the PASS or FAIL.

3. It has one button called exit, to quit the program.

Reference no: EM1333089


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