Find crc using modulo two arithmetic or polynomials

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1- For a pattern P = 10011, and a message D = 10010011011, find, using modulo 2 arithmetic or polynomials, the CRC, then the string T to be transmitted.

2- Suppose the channel introduces errors so that the string 000110110111100 is received. Can the error be detected?

A synchronous TDM multiplexer is to combine 8 digital sources of 7.8 kbps and two analog sources of 4 kHz and 8 kHz, each. Using 8 bit A/D find:

a. The total number of samples per sec for the analog sources, based on the Sampling theorem.
b. The total data rate in bps for the analog sources.
c. The output data rate of the TDM multiplexers.
d. Draw a diagram showing the multiplexer operation

Reference no: EM1355986

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Find crc using modulo two arithmetic or polynomials : For a pattern P = 10011, and a message D = 10010011011, find, using modulo 2 arithmetic or polynomials, the CRC, then the string T to be transmitted.
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