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Q1) You are given sample mean and sample standard deviation. Use this information to create 90% and 95% confidence intervals for population mean. Which interval is wider? If convenient, use technology to create confidence intervals.

Random sample of 37 eight-ounce serving of different juice drinks has mean of 84.4 calories and standard deviation of 43.8 calories

90% confidence interval is ?

Which interval is wider?

a) The 95% confidence interval.

b) The 90% confidence interval.

Q2)  Two events are mutually exclusive

i) If their intersection is 1 

ii) If they have no sample points in common 

iii) If their intersection is 0.5 

iv) None of these alternatives is correct.

Q3)  Events which have no sample points in common are:

i) Independent events 

ii) Posterior events 

iii) Mutually exclusive events 

iv) Complements

Reference no: EM1323345


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