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Q. The dipole moment of a water molecule in liquid water is 6.2×10-30 C•m, and the effective diameter of the water molecule is 2.8×10-10 m. In an earlier homework problem the effective dipole charge separation for water was calculated as 1.9×10-11 m. Since the diameter of a water molecule is more than ten times the effective charge separation, the electric field strength approximation works quite well at the diametric distance. Electric "Van der Waals" forces between water molecules make them clump together and are a cause of everyday fluid phenomena such as surface tension in water. (a) What is the strength of electric field on the dipole axis of a water molecule, at the distance of the center of a contiguous neighbouring molecule? (b) What is the strength of electric field on the dipole perpendicular bisector of a water molecule, at distance of the center of a contiguous neighbouring molecule?

Reference no: EM1323346

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