Explain the three stages of human reaction to stress

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(a) Define Stress. How is workplace stress different from general stress?

(b) Explain the three stages of human reaction to stress.

(c) List and describe five sources of workplace stress and give an on-the-job example for each source

(d) Give specific steps that can be taken by managers to help reduce workplace stress.


(a) Respirators provide protection against airborne hazards. List and briefly describe the six basic categories of airborne hazards.

(b) In an IDLH situation, would you favour demand-flow mode or pressure-demand mode type airline respirators if both are feasible choices? Why?

(c) A basic principle of respirator selection is never to select a gas-absorbing respirator for use with a gas that has no distinguishing warning properties. Explain why?

(d) List down the necessary steps for an effective respirator plan at the workplace

(e) Identify the most effective form of PPE for hearing protection in the most severe noise environments. What additional benefits besides hearing protection is offered by this type of PPE?


(a) Define the following terms-

(i) Candela (cd)

(ii) Lumen (lm)

(iii) Illuminance

(iv) Maintained illuminance

(v) Luminance

(b) What is glare? Differentiate between disability glare, discomfort glare and reflected glare

(c) Describe at least five ways glare could be minimised at the workplace

(d) Outline at least five factors you would consider when selecting a source of light at a workplace

Reference no: EM132412


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