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General questions about HRM roles in promoting diversity

Part 1
When we bring people of diverse cultures and backgrounds together into the workplace, there are numerous opportunities for conflict to occur. To focus your discussion we will look at two different types of ways people differ from other people--one with little to no protected by law, and one that has protections. No protection--for example--appearance (attractiveness, hair style, hair color, tattoos, or weight), criminal history, family, people who wear lots of cologne, smokers, overhead music lovers, economic background or other ways not normally protected by anti-discrimination laws. And, then choose one way they differ but are protected by law (age, race, national origin, color, disability, gender, for example).

For each type of conflict that you choose, describe how a flair up/conflict might occur in a workplace. Bring in real-to-life examples. What are possible positive and negative outcomes of these conflicts? Bring in court cases if they apply.
What might HRM's role be in managing each situation? Discuss.

What could HRM do to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future?
Should HRM nurture and promote diversity such as the types of diversity that you describe? Why or why not?
What is meant by an "inclusive work environment" as it relates to the examples that you provide?

Reference no: EM1332769


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