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Explain Business Plan Design Example

Hi I have to write a business plan. Below is the outline of what I'm looking for.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

- Consider writing this section last. Give a brief overview of the issue and the plan, creating interest. This is not an introduction, but rather should be more like an abstract, in which a summary of the highlights of the entire paper is included. Make this snap as it sets the tone for what is to come.

- Strive to keep this one page or less in length

General Background

- Provide a brief description of the organization

- Include the mission, vision, current state of the organization, and industry segment context

- Keep in mind your audience. It can be helpful to identify who you are writing this project plan for. If your audience is internal, consider offering a section introducing key elements, defining uncommon terms and acronyms.

General Problem/Opportunity Identification

Feel free to insert the prior work here. No need to change anything as this is just an example for me.

Specific Opportunity/Problem Identification

- Consider including enough details for the reader to understand how each of your alternative solutions would impact the situation.

- State the desired end state - not in terms of solutions but exactly what the organization will look like when the issue is successfully addressed.

Alternative Approaches

- List and fully describe several possible approaches to addressing the specific problem.

- Discuss relative risks and benefits of each.

- Describe in detail the specific approach you recommend in terms of strategic significance.

- Address and quantify all aspects of performance that will be improved by the chosen initiative.

SWOT Analysis

- Share a detailed SWOT analysis as it pertains to the specific issue. (This analysis should not be addressing a general state of affairs or be an environmental scan of the organization.)

- Feel free to copy and paste the SWOT you provided earlier.
Implementation Plan

- This section articulates the who, what, when, where and how you intend to address the specific problem.

- You will fully describe all elements required to implement your solution as well as the influence this solution creates to all departments or areas of the organization.

- Each step needed to accomplish this project should be fully articulated.

- This discussion should include but not be limited to the following elements: people, resources, costs, ROI, reporting accountabilities, measures of success, specific timelines, special considerations such as regulatory, legal, financial, global and technological influences in addition to internal and external marketing and communication strategies.

- To break it down a bit more, the following may be helpful:

- Who: You will want to talk about who is involved in both the development and implementation piece of the plan. How does this change impact the current staffing models? What inter-departmental networking is needed? Who will benefit from this plan?

- What: After defining precisely what this project entails, you will want to include discussions about what resources are needed. Be sure to consider all aspects including facilities, personnel, equipment, suppliers, etc. What is available and what must be acquired?

- When: Present a specific timeline for all phases of the project plan. Include all critical stages and articulate who is responsible for these steps. Utilizing a chart or table may be helpful.

- Where: Describe the location where you project plan will be launched. What characterizes this place and how does it help or hinder the process? Will more than one location be involved and how does this change the dynamic? Have other locations had experiences that you can draw upon as you craft this plan?

- Why: This aspect of the implementation plan provides you the opportunity to share your personal interest in the successful implementation of this plan. How does this plan support positive business ethics? Twenty-first century leadership? Cultural and global considerations? Comment on how this plan integrates course knowledge, business skills, and work experience to produce an effective real world outcome.


- Provide a detailed analysis of the financial implication of this plan; include an Excel worksheet showing calculations.


- Articulate a specific communications plan to "sell" your project to the approving individual / group.

- Discuss communications related to implementation.

- Identify key stakeholders that you will be in communication with, and your approach with each.

In Conclusion

- Provide a conclusion and a call to action.

- Include a description of next steps

Reference no: EM1323648

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