Explain an auction site that specializes in items

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Explain an auction site that specializes in items

Reference no: EM1332083


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  Explain the term e-business and marketing

Explain the term E-business and Marketing and Why is it important to create an e-business project plan

  Explain and demonstrates toys r us marketing principles

Explain and Demonstrates Toys R US marketing principles anf If it does not have competitive advantage in promotions

  Describe case analysis of research articles

Describe Case Analysis of Research Articles and What happens when two organizations with different cultures merge

  Explain the solution to computer crimes

Explain the solution to Computer Crimes and types of computer crimes that have been committed by outside intruders or by employees over the past three to five years

  Illustrates how a crowdsourcing platform can be used

Read about "Crowdsourcing" platforms supporting microwork such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Describe an example/scenario that illustrates how a crowdsourcing platform can be used to semi-automate financial industry related tasks.

  Explain products that cannot be sold online

Explain Products that cannot be sold online and Maybe gasoline or perishable foods such as sushi

  Explain e-commerce for amazon

Explain E-Commerce at Amazon and what are the advantages and disadvantages of selling books and goods over the internet

  Explain ebusiness- solution set

Explain EBusiness- Solution set and identify any ethical, legal, regulatory and social issues that might negatively impact people and organizations and or society

  Case study of bob and tom

Bob and Tom have been friends and co-workers for many years. Tom recently lost his job, but Bob continued to be employed.

  Explain online furniture business

Explain Online Furniture Business and Flow chart or bulleted list of user experience with shopping cart

  Explain academic approach to e-business

What makes an online business a successful e-business? There are many factors. Mention four factors and explain why they are important - support your answer with examples

  Explain b2b or b2c technology applications

Explain B2B or B2C Technology Applications and the purpose of every e-business is to utilize technology in a way that enhances communication and the company's profitability

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