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Explain a marketing study guide

1. As a rule, a firm cannot survive unless its organization structure satisfies the target market, regardless of how well employee and management needs are met.
a. True
b. False

2. All of the following are performers in a distribution channel, EXCEPT:
a. Retailer
b. Manufacturer or Wholesaler
c. Specialist
d. Consultant
e. Consumer

3. The three elements of the Human Resource Triad are:
a. HR professionals, store managers, and employees
b. Training, compliance, and respect
c. Leaders, managers, and associates
d. Performance, rules, and regulation
e. Individuals, teams, and the company

4. ____________ is when the authority for retailing decisions is delegated to corporate managers rather than to geographically dispersed managers.
a. Regionalization
b. Decentralization
c. Corporate structuring
d. Centralization
e. Desertification

5. All of the following are steps in the process of managing store employees, EXCEPT:
a. Recruit and select employees
b. Socialize and train new employees
c. Motivate and manage employees to achieve store performance goals
d. Evaluate employee performance and provide feedback
e. Compensate and reward senior management for employee performance

6. Organization Analysis is the examination of the environment, strategies, and resources of the organization to determine the optimum organizational design.
a. True
b. False

7. All of the following are principles of learning, EXCEPT:
a. Goal setting
b. Individual differences
c. Modeling
d. Feedback and reinforcement
e. Action steps

8. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which of the following represents the highest level of need?
a. Self-actualization needs
b. Social needs
c. Esteem needs
d. Physiological needs
e. Safety needs

9. All of the following are examples of non-financial rewards used to motivate employees, EXCEPT:
a. Job enrichment
b. Recognition
c. Promotion
d. Merchandise
e. Encouragement and Praise

10. ____________ occurs when employees are given the power in their jobs to do the things necessary to satisfy and make things right for customers.
a. Job satisfaction
b. Turnover
c. Communication gaps
d. Advancement
e. Empowerment

11. The marketing mix includes product, price, promotion, and sales performance.
a. True
b. False

12. All of the following are important factors for a professional sales force, EXCEPT:
a. Provide excellent product knowledge
b. Work long hours
c. Sell a high-quality product
d. Understand the customer's business
e. Sell a wide variety of products that offer a total solution

13. What is the last step in the sales process?
a. Prospecting
b. Follow-up
c. Needs assessment
d. Gaining commitment
e. Approach

14. All of the following are important elements of an effective sales presentation, EXCEPT:
a. Never discuss costs
b. Keep the presentation simple
c. Talk the prospect's language
d. Stress the application of the product or service to the prospect's situation
e. Seek credibility

15. ____________ is the total dollar income paid to each sales representative for a given period of time.
a. Commission
b. Salary
c. Level of earnings
d. Minimum wage
e. Incentive plan

16. The Americans with Disabilities Act )ADA) ensures equal treatment of individuals in all aspects of employment.
a. True
b. False

17. The _____________ outlaws discrimination in pay, employee benefits, and pensions based on a worker's gender.
a. Equal Pay Act of 1963
b. Fifth Amendment
c. HIPAA Act of 1976
d. Smoot-Hawley Act
e. Constitution
18. Failure to use a reasonable amount of care in the workplace is called:
a. Worker's compensation
b. No-fault injury
c. Oversight
d. Negligence
e. Employee loss

19. Employees engage in _____________ if they report an employer's illegal actions, immoral conduct, or illegal practices to government agencies charged with upholding the law.
a. Gossip
b. Tattling
c. Illegal activities
d. Muck-racking
e. Whistle-blowing

20. The American Marketing Association's code of ethics includes which of the following?
a. Professional conduct
b. Honesty and fairness
c. Rights and duties of parties in the marketing exchange process
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

21. Performance appraisals should only be used to identify employees that are doing well and those who are not.
a. True
b. False

22. Criterion deficiency refers to appraisals that focus on only one performance dimensions while excluding other important performance dimension.
a. True
b. False
23. All of the following are common goals of a strategic compensation policy, EXCEPT:
a. To reward employees' past performance
b. To maintain salary equity among employees
c. To attract new employees
d. To reward outstanding performance for select employees
e. To reduce unnecessary turnover

24. _____________ is an employee's perception that compensation received is equal to the value of the work performed.
a. Pay-for-performance
b. Payola
c. Pay equity
d. Paycheck
e. Payoff

25. An unplanned bonus given for employee's effort unrelated to an established performance measure is called a ____________.
a. Spot bonus
b. Standard hour plan payment
c. Piecework bonus
d. Differential piece rate payment
e. Merit raise

Reference no: EM1334965


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