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An electronics plant uses an adsorption system to recover solvent from a vent gas stream and prevent volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. The vent gas flow rate is 20 m3 /s of dry air at 293 K, 1.5 atm. The initial solvent loading is 1.5 mol%, which must be reduced to 20 ppm to comply with emissions permits. Activated carbon is used as adsorbent, and has a capacity of 20 mol/kg of adsorbent and a heat of adsorption of 8 kcal/mol solvent. The sorbent can be regenerated by raising the temperature to 363 K. Design a suitable TSA system for this process. Estimate the amount of adsorbent needed, the vessel volumes, and the minimum regenerate heat requirement for your design. The activated carbon adsorbent has average bulk density 120 kg/m3 and heat capacity 0.7 J/g.°C. The solvent flammability limits in air are 2.5 to 12.0 vol% at 293 K and 1.2 to 16.0 vol% at 363 K.

Reference no: EM131160182


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