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Evaluation criteria

Research is an essential part of managing human resources effectively. Using evaluative systems to manage performance management systems, HR information systems (HRIS), compensation, benefits, time and attendance, attrition, succession planning and other aspects are a part of the normal course of an HR department's functions. Overall, the use of evaluative criteria help researchers know what they are looking for and provides standards by which to evaluate the effectiveness of such systems and programs.

Write in about 1000 words consider what criteria and tools are available to evaluate the following tools:

* HRIS (HR Information Systems)

? Selection tests

? Succession Planning

Be sure to identify core elements of what you are looking for in each and how you will know when the systems, tools, or processes meet your criteria. Consider examples of systems that are available in each category that could meet the needs of your HR department.

Reference no: EM1333811


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