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Topic: Emerging cyber security technologies

Paper objectives:

Identify and assess three (3) emerging cyber security approaches and technologies as well as discuss government efforts to nurture the development of these emerging technologies. 

An emerging technology is a technology that is in the genesis stage, is still being researched and developed, and has not been proven, standardized, or widely adopted. One way (but not the only way) to identify emerging cyber security approaches and technologies can be based on its novelty and interest as demonstrated by the availability of 5 or more recent (less than 12 months old) research papers from IEEE or ACM sources that address the identified cyber security technology/approach.  By that criteria, fingerprint biometrics, eye biometrics, voice print ID as a class are all unacceptable topics. There may be a new research result in one of these areas, but the basic idea and first deployments of these technologies occurred over 30 years ago. These technologies are not emerging.


1. How do the emerging cyber security technologies that you identified coupled with prioritized research and development improve cyber security?

A. Clearly define the emerging cyber security technologies that you identified as well as their main features.

B. Clearly define how an organization would use these emerging cyber security technologies.

C. Describe real-world examples of the use of these emerging cyber security technologies.

2. Discuss the role of the federal government in the support and nurturing of the emerging cyber security technologies that you identified.

A. Clearly discuss the benefits and drawbacks that government efforts to support new cyber escurity technologies may create.

B. Describe real-world examples that support your position.

Reference no: EM131524414


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