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Group Project

The second major assignment is to draft, test, and then revise a short questionnaire designed to elicit information about a Social Science topic related to International Development/ Development Studies/Community Development in which you are interested.

The design of the questionnaire should reflect key points and should include 10-15 distinct items. The accompanying write up should be around 4000 words.

You will turn in the draft questionnaire and the revised questionnaire, along with a written discussion that

1) Introduces the topic in which you are interested,

2) Specifies how the initial draft of the questionnaire is intended to address that topic, including the logic for including specific questions,

We are doing only question three (1400 words):

Two person have to write this section so please write 700 words for each

3) Suggests a sampling strategy that you would use to recruit participants in the ‘real world', if you were to actually use the questionnaire as the basis for a larger survey and

4) Describes your experiences testing the questionnaire and modifying it, focusing on problems identified in the test and how they were resolved in the final version.

The draft and final versions should include all key elements of a survey questionnaire, including an introduction to the research project, instructions to participants, and a clear statement reminding participants that completion of the survey is entirely voluntary and that they are free to decline to answer any or all of the questions. It should also include common elements of survey questionnaires such as skip patterns, and a mixture of question types.

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Reference no: EM131032751


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