Elements of business continuity plan

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Discussion 1.

Describe each of the elements of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Discussion 2.

Describe three authentication types and give an example of each

Discussion 3.

Explain in your own words what some of the challenges are with the Change Management Process for IT security.

Discussion 4.

Describe some ways that an administrator can harden a system on a network.

Discussion 5.

Describe some ways that an organization can recover it's IT resources from a disaster.  What controls should have been in place in order to be able to retrieve this data?

Discussion 6.

Describe two cryptographic applications and how they are used in Information System Security.

Discussion 7.

Describe three network security risks and how an administrator may be able to defend against them.

Discussion 8.

What are some of the characteristics and operations of some of the malicious software that exists today?

Discussion 9.

Pick one of the many information security standards organizations and describe what they do and what type of standards they are responsible for.

Discussion 10.

What are some of the industry standard certifications that exists.  Which ones are the most sought after in the IT security field?

Useful Textbook: 'Fundamentals of Information Systems Security, 3e (Kim/Solomon)

ISBN: 9781284116458'

Reference no: EM132609929


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