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Part A


A product often consists of several elements which the tourism marketer has to consider in order achieve customer satisfaction. Discuss


Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix. With the use of examples, discuss five pricing strategies that you believe is most effective for tourism organisations


a) Discuss the importance of conducting marketing research for tourism organisations. b) Explain four types of primary data collection methods and discuss their benefits and drawbacks

c) Explain the importance of setting clear research objectives before embarking on a study


Strategic models and analytical tools are useful in taking marketing decisions. Discuss the effectiveness of two strategic models/ tools that can be used by marketers to analyse growth potentials of tourism organisations

Part B


(a) Using an example of your choice within the tourism or hospitality sector, state the importance for marketers to develop effective communication methods

(b) Critically describe four main means of Integrated Marketing Communications used by most tourism organisations, support your answers with relevant examples


Discuss the differences between the core, tangible and augmented product

Illustrate how leisure or tourism or hospitality organisations use product augmentation to create unique or competitive offers


(a) Explain why Internet Marketing has become so widely used by hospitality firms and give three benefits to having a modern, interactive and user-friendly website

(b) Distinguish between-

(i) e-commerce

(ii) e-business and

(iii) e-marketing


(a) Distinguish between primary and secondary research, giving TWO examples of sources for EACH type of data used in the tourism and hospitality industry

(b) Explain using a relevant example of a particular hospitality and/or tourism related organization, the costs and benefits of carrying out extensive market research before launching a product. Justify your answers


(a) Define the concept Sustainable marketing. And support with a relevant diagram

(b) Discuss with relevant examples the characteristics of the five alternate concepts -production, product, selling, marketing and societal marketing - that organisations may

adopt to conduct their marketing activities


(a) Define the following terms-

I Marketing

II Market

III Marketing Management

(b) Differentiate between customer value and customer satisfaction.

(c) Explain briefly what is meant by customer relationship management and give some reasons for its growing importance in marketing

Reference no: EM133346

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