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Terrorism is the use of aggression, fear, and threats for political, ideological, or social purposes. Cyber intimidation is differentiated from physical terrorism in that it focuses on using computers to attack information communications. Cyber terrorism has many significant advantages versus physical terrorism. Characterize the various advantages.


The intent of suspicious Information Warfare is to protect an information communications from offensive Information Warfare by enabling the system to provide assurances. What are the declarations that should be considered?


When thinking of Information warfare, another key word comes close to it and it is called "Propaganda". In your words clarify what you would understand by propaganda and the various related techniques of it.


When does competitive intelligence conducted by one corporation against another develop into illegal or unethical?


To achieve effective information safekeeping governance, administration must establish and uphold a framework to guide the expansion and preservation of a comprehensive information safekeeping programme. What does the governance framework generally consist of? Also draw up the Conceptual Framework.


The best overall indicator of information safekeeping activities in arrangement with business (or organisational) purposes is the development of an information safety strategy that defines information safekeeping objectives in business terms and ensures the objectives are directly articulated from planning through implementation of policies, standards, procedures, processes and knowledge. What can the pointer of alignment contain?


Risk management is the ultimate objective of all information safekeeping activities and, without a doubt all organisational assurance efforts. While risk management effectiveness is not subject to direct measurement, there are indicators that correlate well with a successful approach. A successful risk management programme can be defined as one that efficiently, successfully and consistently meets anticipations and attains defined objectives.
What would be some of the pointers of appropriate risk management?


For most organisations, a variety of specific near-term tactical goals that align with the overall information safekeeping strategy can be defined readily. What if the objective of the safety strategies requires compliance with the defined portions of ISO/IEC 27002.

Give an instance of a near-term action (or tactical) plan may state, for the preliminary 12 months.

Reference no: EM133345

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