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Businesses have life cycles (Figure), and transitioning from one life-cycle phase to another may not be easy. Firms may become accustomed to managing a mature, steady business, only to find themselves in a turbulent period. Consider the amateur photography business of the now defunct Eastman Kodak Company. Originally, George Eastman developed a success formula for amateur photography based on celluloid film technology and simple, inexpensive cameras. Along came the challenge of electronic imaging and digital cameras. Kodak faced a contraction of their business-or possibly renewal.

1. Use whatever creativity-enhancing techniques you can to help think about alternatives for Kodak at the time of their first awareness of electronic and digital amateur photography.

2. If an alternative you suggest had been adopted by Kodak as their new path, what would it take for them to turn onto and move down that path? What kinds of organizational barriers do you think Kodak might have encountered?


Reference no: EM131523842


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