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As a follow-up to the information presented last week, the board of directors is asking for another brief presentation to help assess the economic, political, and legal environments of your selected country.

The economy, along with political and legal issues, affect the viability of doing business in this particular country. While these are uncontrollable environmental variables, understanding these issues and how they impact the marketing plan is essential.

Develop a brief presentation assessing the economic, legal, and political environments of your country.

Environmental Factors

Slide 1: Briefly describe the country's history and its relevance to its current political, economic, and legal environment.

Slide 2: Describe the country's government and any recent political developments that could affect doing business in this country.

Slide 3: Analyze the government's activities regarding foreign investment in the country.

Slide 4: Identify any potential formal trade barriers that can affect your marketing strategy.

Slide 5: Identify any legal activities related to this country that can affect your business operations there.

Slide 6: Analyze any government, finance, and tax considerations that affect doing business in this particular country.

Slide 7/8: Evaluate the targeted country's technological infrastructure and how this will impact your ability to promote, price, and distribute your product as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Slide 8/9: Explain and justify the demand for your product in this country and why you believe it will turn a profit for the company.

Slide 9/10: Write a final conclusion about why this country is the best choice for promoting your company's product based on external factors related to the country's economic, political, and legal infrastructure.

Reference no: EM131523843


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