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Consider your self a CEO or leader and answer these questions for me please :

a. What is the leader's leadership style? (Situational, contingency, participatory, servant, transformational, transactional, coalition, etc).

b. What are the leader's personal qualities as a good leader versus a good manager? Task oriented versus people oriented?

c. How does the personality, attitudes, and attributions of this leader influence his leadership and relationships?

d. What does the leader think about self-awareness being essential for a good leader?

e. How does the leader view their role in developing effective followers and growing future leaders?

f. How does the leader view the use of the different channels of communication?

g. How does the leader view the importance of developing leadership diversity?

h. How does the leader reach organizational objectives?

i. What factors does the leader thinks establishes a high-performance culture?

Reference no: EM131185681


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