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Marketing Plan Part II

Part II of the marketing plan addresses segmentation and targeting.

For Part II of the Marketing Plan:

1. Review and edit Part I of your marketing plan. You will include and build upon Part I as part of your Part II submission. One key thing to think about when writing Part II is the logic and continuity that should be present. You may have to modify certain parts of Part I in order for the content to Part II to be coherent.

2. Review pages 553-554 of your course textbook, and complete the segmentation and targeting portion of your marketing plan. This step is not only addressing the four variables used in market segmentation (see page 209) but is also relating aspects of consumer behavior in order to corroborate your description of your target market. In addition, a part of this step is positioning! A good resource is on page 224 in your textbook, "Choosing and Implementing a Positioning Strategy."

3. Formulate six marketing objectives for your operation. Objectives have been discussed for various parts of the marketing strategies. For example, marketing objectives addressing public relations (PR) are discussed on page 408. Another discussion is located in Chapter 18 starting on page 554. Objectives are created based upon the "current situation." You will want to set objectives that will provide increases in occupancy, visits, and revenue for example.

Reference no: EM131185680


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