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Masters-at-Work was founded by two brothers in Atlanta to provide in-home computer and electronic installation services as well as tech support to solve hardware, software, or computer peripheral crises. Masters-at-Work became highly successful with branches throughout the South and was purchased by Best Buy but continued to operate under the Masters- at-Work name. A shipment of 20 Intel® Pentium® 4 processors was sent to Masters-at-Work. Four of them were defective. One of the Masters-at-Work technicians selected 5 of the processors to put in his parts inventory and went on three service calls.

a. Determine the probability that only 1 of the 5 processors is defective.

b. Determine the probability that 3 of the 5 processors are not defective.

c. Determine the probability that the technician will have enough processors to replace 3 defective processors at the repair sites.

Reference no: EM13983030


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