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For this discussion, refer to your Perez and Luquis text.

In an effort to continuously improve and develop culturally competent organizations, health curricula need to have awareness and skill-based objectives (Pérez & Luquis, pp. 164-165) as a starting point, and lifelong learning as a building block in delivering quality outcomes and a more culturally competent health care delivery system.

In one page or less, answer the following:

Describe the importance of providing health care students and staff cultural competence education and professional development in reaching cultural proficiency.

What factors should you consider in profiling a culturally competent learner?

Describe briefly the importance of a model such as IC-3 (p. 169 in Perez & Luquiz) in preparing the health care workforce.

Identify and discuss one integrated support and one evaluation channel.

Consider a scenario where a health care organization has an ongoing problem with the hospital staff's lack of training and education in language interpreter skills, resulting in having friends or family members doing the interpreting.

Reflect and provide a scenario that may result in patient's quality of care and safety.

What recommendations would you make to improve training or education and cultural competency?

Reference no: EM13983026


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