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Final Health Condition Written assignment

Develop your Draft into a assignment. Using the skills you have developed in searching for books, government reports, reports from reputable health organisations and peer-reviewed journal articles, you will need to gather information from a variety of sources. As a minimum, you are required to find useful information from two books or government reports and four peer-reviewed journal articles published in the year 2003 or later. You may not use general www sites or web pages (as per instructions from Draft Written assignment).

• Definition and description of the health condition

• Explain the current incidence or prevalence of the health condition in:

- Australia,
- United States of America,
- AND one other country.

• Explain the interprofessional health care team that would usually treat this health condition in the Australian health care system.

• Explain the TWO treatment or prevention methods that are used for the health condition, and discuss the specific roles the health professionals take when providing these treatments / prevention strategies.

Referencing style = APA6 style

Reference no: EM131324


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