Description of linear programming

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Description of Linear Programming

The dean of the Western College of Business must plan the school's course offerings for the fall semester. Student demands make it necessary to offer at least 30 undergraduate and 20 graduate courses in the term. Faculty contracts also dictate that at least 60 courses be offered in total. Each undergraduate course taught costs the college an average of $2,500 in faculty wages, and each graduate course costs $3,000. How many undergraduate and graduate courses should be taught in the fall so that total faculty salaries are kept to a minimum?

Reference no: EM1323461

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It-based systems and operational and financial risks : The discussion identified the disadvantages and advantages of implementing an IT-based system. Included also in the discussion are the inherent operational and financial risks in using computerized reports including mitigating risks.
What is the best quantitative and qualitative approach : Quantitative and Qualitative Project Analysis and qualitative and quantitative approaches that can be used to analyze project problems
Research project on social needs : This answer provides cogent arguments relating to the Social Needs: Issue, source, affect to operations, legislation
Show benefit of leveraging organizational diversity : Benefit of Leveraging Organizational Diversity - This solution discusses the most significant benefit(s) of leveraging organizational diversity. The most important challenges in regards to diversity are also discussed.
Description of linear programming : The dean of the Western College of Business must plan school's course offerings for the fall semester. Student demands make it necessary to offer at least 30 undergraduate and 20 graduate courses in the term.
Show the role of external support : IT projects and the role of external support - formal project sponsor and champion, which business managers played these roles, and whether or not you think their roles positively affected the project outcomes.
Linear programming model for optimal production schedule : Propose a linear programming model which can be used to find out the optimal production schedule that will best achieve the goals of Richland Manufacturing Company.
Show example of a decision support system failure : Lessons Learned from this Failure - How could you apply the lessons learned from this failure in the future?
Santa ana parks and recreation-linear goal programming : Propose a linear goal programming model that can be employed to determine the number of each kind of facility to be constructed to best achieve the goals of Santa Ana City Parks and Recreation Department and determine the optimal facility developm..


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