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I am the owner and CEO of a brand new Internet access company, known as the XYZ Internet Company.

I need help creating a Policy Manual for new managers. This manual should provide guidance to the new incoming managers, as they set up their respective departments.

This manual should clearly lay out the expectations that I, as the owner and CEO of this company, expect from each incoming manager.

Section 1 of this manual should include a three-paragraph discussion of the environment that this Internet access company will operate in. Think about the options the consumers currently have available to them in terms of Internet access, as you prepare your response for this section.

Section 2 will be three full paragraphs in length, and will outline the key points we have discussed related to Planning for this new company.

Section 3 will be three full paragraphs in length, and will outline the key points we have discussed related to Organizing for this new company.

Section 4 will be three full paragraphs in length, and will outline the key points we have discussed related to Leadership for this new company.

Section 5 will be three full paragraphs in length, and will outline the key points we have discussed related to Control for this new company.


Define the concepts of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading

Explain the role of a manager.

Outline the steps in the decision-making process.

I posted this in the begining of the week for help which I thought would give plenty of time. I recieved request to first increase the amount and assign to a paticular OTA. Which I did. I then recieved a request to make it due by the 30th. Which I did. Now the day it is due the person puts it back out to post. I could really use some help here. Thank You

Reference no: EM1334790

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