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Sequential Label and Supply is having a problem with employees surfing the Web to access material the company has deemed inappropriate for use in a professional environment. The technology exists to insert a filtering device in the company Internet connection that blocks certain Web locations and certain Web content. The vendor has provided you with some initial information about the filter. The hardware is an appliance that costs $18,000 and requires a total of 150 effort-hours to install and configure. Technical support on the appliance costs 18 percent of the purchase price and includes a training allowance for the year. A software component is needed for administering the appliance that runs on the administrator's desktop computer and it costs $550. A monthly subscription provides the list of sites to be blocked and costs $250 per month. The administrator must spend an estimated four hours per week for ongoing administrative functions.

Items you should consider:

Your plan requires two sections, one for deployment and another for ongoing operation after implementation.

The vendor offers a contracting service for installation at $140 per hour.

Your change control process requires a 17-day lead time for change requests.

The manufacturer has a 14-day order time and a 7-day delivery time for this device.

Creating a WBS can be quiet challenging when you haven't had practice at the task.

Reference no: EM1358282

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