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Based on the under mentioned scenario, identify the applicable decision concepts (theories, principles, paradoxes, etc.) from our learning all semester (not just the group decision concepts identified in Unit 5) that your group believes will best explain what is occurring within the organization.

The CEO of your company recently met with his executive staff (of which you are a member) to discuss his concern with how unproductive groups are within the company. He admits that groups take people away from their primary jobs; however, they are only formed when it's necessary to gather multiple opinions and ideas or when a collaboration of skills and ideas could yield high results.

To prove his point he brought up a number of examples of projects, for which groups were formed and people assigned, that failed to fulfill their objectives. He's confused as to why those assigned to groups often think they can ignore their group responsibilities (not attend meetings, only marginally participate, or not participate at all).

He then points out each of your group members stating; "We've got to do find out what's happening. Your goal is to help me identify the issues involved (what's happening and why). I want you to work together as a group, do some research and come up with ideas and suggestions to help fix this problem".

Reference no: EM1334428


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