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Strategies for Dealing with HRM Challenges and Trends

These are the three trends or challenges:

- One challenge for HRM is keeping up with the social world. With more and more people going to social media, boundaries need to be set as far as what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for employees. They are however making a trend to recruit and network online.

- The economy is a big challenge for HRM. With so many people being unemployed, HRM are getting a slew of people who are either overqualified or under qualified but applying because they are desperate for a job. HRM is also seeing an increase in unemployment benefits to be paid. They also have to be concerned with the existing employees that have more work due to the layoffs.

- A new trend for HRM is monitoring work at home employee's utilizing new technology. A lot of companies are experimenting or allowing employees to work from home. HRM are able to set up offsite connections and communicate with employees via skype, email, phones, etc.

Reference no: EM1357712


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