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Representing Text and Numbers

Problem 1.1 Latin alphabetic characters can be represented using their ASCII equivalents. Write the decimal representation of all the characters in "Pei, I.M." (don't forget that the punctuation and blank space are considered characters here).

Problem 1.2 UNICODE is a set of numeric values for characters and symbols from around the world. Find the hexadecimal for the Greek letter π (lower case pi)

A binary string can mean di?erent things, depending on how it's interpreted.

Problem 1.3 What decimal number does 01101101 represent if it is interpreted as an unsigned binary number?

Problem 1.4 What ASCII character does the binary string in Problem 1.3 represent?

Problem 1.5 What single character does 00011011 00001001 represent in the tables.

2 Binary Arithmetic

What is the result of the following 8-bit unsigned binary operations? Give the result in unsigned binary.

Problem 2.1 00101011 + 01100110

Problem 2.2 11101000 - 00110101

What is the result of the following 8-bit two's complement binary operations? Give the result in two's complement binary.

Problem 2.3 00110011 + 10011001

Problem 2.4 11110011 + 10010101

Suppose you have a color represented as a red, green, blue triple, with each component an integer between 0 and 255 represented as an 8-bit unsigned binary number. The red component is 10010011, the green 11111000, and the blue 00001111.

Problem 2.5 What happens if, in an attempt to make the color more red, you add 10000000 to the red component, while leaving the green and blue components as they were?

Convert the following problem into two's complement binary and perform addition to get the resulting two's complement binary solution.

Problem 2.6 80 - 117 Hint: Remember this can be written as an addition problem:

80 + (-117).

3 Interpreting Logical Statements

View the 2012 list of the 1000 largest US Corporations from Fortune Magazine on the web at list/. This site is linked from the Moodle page so you do not need to retype it. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false:

Problem 3.1 Hewlett-Packard has more revenue than Apple, and has more pro?t than International Business Machines (IBM).

Problem 3.2 If Apple has more pro?t than Microsoft and has more pro?t than Hewlett-Packard, then Google has more pro?t than Cisco Systems.

Problem 3.3 Microsoft has more pro?t than each of the following: Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Dell, Intel,, and Google.

Problem 3.4 Either Cisco Systems has more revenue than Sysco, or Cisco Systems has more pro?t than Sysco, but not both.

Problem 3.5 If Honeywell International has less revenue than Oracle, then either Microsoft has more pro?t than Oracle or Apple has more pro?t than Oracle, but not both.

Problem 3.6 Intel has more revenue than or AT&T has more pro?t than Microsoft, and it is not the case that both Intel and Microsoft each have more pro?t than Cisco Systems.

Problem 3.7 Intel and Medtronic both appear on the Top 100 list, or AT&T and Verizon Communications each have more pro?t than Microsoft.

4. Logic Puzzle

Problem 4.1 Solve the following logic puzzle: You are planning a vacation to Canada with some of your relatives, and you and they vote on which city below to visit. One city got four vote, two got two votes, two got one vote, and the remaining two cities got zero votes. Use logic and the clues below to determine how many votes each city got.

Quebec City
St. John's (Newfoundland)

Here are the clues. Make sure you explain how you obtained your answser.

a) Ottawa and Quebec City got di?erent number of votes.

b) Montreal either got the most votes, or it got zero votes.

c) Quebec City got more votes than Halifax did.

d) In the list of cities above, each of the two cities that got two votes has a city that got no votes immediately above it in the list.

e) Either Halifax got one fewer votes than Toronto did, or it got one fewer vote than Ottawa did.

Reference no: EM13869


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