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A video store (AVS) runs a series of fairly standard video stores. Before a video can be put on the shelf , it must be catalogued and entered into the video database. Every customer must have a valid AVS customer card in order to rent a video. Customers rent videos for 3 days at a time. Every time a customer rents a video the system must ensure that the customer doesn’t have any overdue videos. If so the overdue videos must be returned and overdue fee paid before the customer can rent any more videos. Likewise if the customer has returned overdue videos, but has not paid the overdue fee, the fee must be paid before any new videos can be rented. Every morning the store manager prints a report that lists overdue videos, if a video is 2 or more days overdue then the manager calls the customer to remind them to return the video. If a video is returned in damaged condition the manager removes it from the video database and may sometimes charge the customer.

Draw a level 0 data flow diagram (DFD) for the video store system

Reference no: EM131032305


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